women applying lipstick. Plus DIY recipes for lip scrub

How to Exfoliate Your Lips and Prep For Stunning Color

Exfoliating your lips should be an important part of your regular skincare. It keeps your lips healthy, moisturized and looking their best – ready for your favorite shade of lip color. But, why exfoliate your lips? Can’t you just apply a bunch of lip balm?  Is it really worth the extra effort? Yes!! Here are two […] Read more…

countertop with flowers, jewelry and cosmetics.

4 Retinol Benefits That Will Make Your Skin Look Amazing

If you ask your dermatologist which SINGLE ingredient is most beneficial in anti-aging for your skin, the answer will most certainly be retinol. There is not much debate about the benefits of retinol among experts and that is why it is now widely available in some forms in serums and creams without a prescription. The benefits […] Read more…

Ever's Lavish

The Many Ways to Use EVER’s Lavish: 17 & Counting

Lavish Lavish is an award-winning body butter by EVER. In 2017 it won Allure’s Best of Beauty award and now has an almost “cult-like” following! Lavish contains a Superfruit Complex that delivers antioxidants, and deeply moisturizes, nourishes and protects your skin. It literally melts into your skin, leaving it super soft and more firm. It […] Read more…

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